William is a passionate craftsman, who strives for the highest quality in all work. Specialising in woodcarving, William undertakes an exciting range of commissions, carving for the Royal College of Arms, The Palace of Westminster and private individuals.


Since a young age William has been interested in traditional crafts and what started as a carving hobby back in 2009, quickly developed into a passionate career. In 2013 William took a leap of faith and left his 9-5 office job working for the United Nations in Rome, and set off to travel the world documenting woodcarving. His aim was to echo craftsman of the past, who travelled great distances in search of new skills. After six months, seven countries and hundreds of woodcarvers, William knew more about carving in Asia than he did about the UK. Eager to master his own carving heritage he enrolled on one of the best woodcarving courses in Europe, at the City and Guilds of London Art School, and completed a three year diploma in Ornamental Woodcarving and Gilding.

Recent achievements

Present – Carving for Dolmen Conservation, at the Palace of Westminster, helping to restore the 14th Century Hammer Beam Roof of the Great Hall.

June 2018 – Graduated with a Diploma in Ornamental Woodcarving and Gilding from City and Guilds of London Art School

April 2018 – Chosen to be a Young Ambassador for the Michelangelo Foundations ‘Homo Faber’ exhibition in Venice in September 2018, showcasing Europe’s finest craftsmen.

January 2018 – First involvement in a Royal Commission, undertaken by Holy Well Glass. Carving the lime wood patterns for the door handles, from which bronze casts were made.

December 2017 – Carved the Heraldic crest for Roald Dahl’s grandson, the Roly Poly bird sat atop a circlet of medieval clouds.

April 2017 – Exhibiting work at Cockington Court art trail

Sept 2016 – Inaugurated as a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers

June 2016 – Successfully awarded the The Idun Ravndal Travel grant and chosing to document Icelandic woodcarving as part of his Carving Countries journey

May 2016 – Awarded 1st place in the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers carving competition held at the Building and Crafts College

April 2016 – Launched ‘The Student Woodcarver’ series in the Guild of Master Craftsman Woodcarving magazine, documenting what it’s like to train as an ornamental woodcarver in the 21st century